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Why The Infinix Note 4 Should Be Your Next Phone

Of course, with any cell phone there will be the ups and downs to them. With a release date of August 2017 this brand new phone will be sure to sway you to the store. Impressive dynamic hues indeed provoke anyone devotion towards Infinix for a moments peek.


Infinix has worked hard and fast toward showcasing the note 4 cell phone tossing one bony structure picture to demonstrate the distinction in estimate comparing impressive telephone’s mainframe. Along with the sixty-four bit ARMv8 CPU core over a one point three gigahertz four core MediaTek 6353 SoC making this phone up to par with needs to be met.

With an enormous extended accumulator, a picture showing at which point conditions require an opportunity within. Coming equip with the X-Power feature allows the battery to be used to full potential. Also with new technology added for speedy charges lets you never be down and out waiting for your phone to charge for hours before being able to use it.

Disregard a picture during the occasion it’s the expertise that additionally the phone manufacture tossed in. Keeping in mind coming equipped with 4G sets good attention to the cell phone. While running on the android seven this phone is sure to be up to speed for your needs.


One could label the phone as blended with cheerful but also unhappy. The Note 4 is a 4G cell phone, yet accompanying a two gigabyte random access memory makes it controversial. Of course the sixteen gigabyte stockpiling is extendable memory card up to one hundred twenty-eight gigabytes.


The note 4 also comes equip with a back photographic equipment producing images with thirteen million pixels. The frontal photographic equipment constructs an eight-million-pixel image. That is not by any stretch of the imagination great, supposing what the different gadgets are capable of producing.


An amazing piece executed however, the self satisfaction of the five-point seven-inch touch screen entirely high definition show, for this situation, should become the status sealer. But if that isn’t there beautifully arched edges are guarded by non other than the outstanding nearly indestructible gorilla glass. Not to mention the light weight of these very well designed cell phones are only one hundred and ninety-six grams.

The stunning resolution is one thousand and eighty pixels by one thousand nine hundred and twenty pixels. With an outstanding Pixels per inch of three hundred and eighty-seven there is no wonder why this should be your next phone.

Having the XOS UI skin makes this cell phone just the style you want to be in with. In addition, the Note 4 has driven a unique finger impression sensory lens unlocking the device in only .15 seconds which enables you to stay aware of any neighbor like the Joneses.


It’s difficult suggesting a no answer when it comes down to sticker price of Sh 14,000 or $135.00 USD or 42,500 NGN depending where you live.

Final Thoughts

Frankly, the cell phone could be exceptional mutually with extra random access memory but also limited snazzy and flaunting some. So there the question arises should we buy it? Just like any new cell phone an extreme approach is not easy to decide.

Also the Note 4 could require 2 small scale subscriber identity module cards, but not trading off your micro secure digital memory stick making it more appealing to the purchaser. Plus the price for the cell phone with all of its capabilities is very reasonable. Well, figuring all that will get a handle on something before purchasing the extraordinary Infinix Note 4.


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