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UDisk: The Best Cloud Storage That Is No Longer Around

UC Browser is a popular mobile browser that is available on most platforms such as iOS and Android. This browser is used by people who do not want to use the internet browser that came with their phones like Safari and Chrome.

The UC Browser has many features but one of the most interesting was UDisk. This function was ignored by many users since it was not the browser’s main selling point.

UDisk was a storage system that was built in the UC Browser. But the company behind UC Browser, UCWeb, has changed aspects of UC Browser. This changed effect UDisk in an important way.

What was UDisk

As stated above UDisk was a cloud storage system. This cloud storage was similar to other clouds that had mobile counterparts (like iCloud and Google Drive). Like other clouds, users can save files from their phones to the cloud in order to access said files later.

UDisk was different from the other cloud storage systems. Unlike iCloud, you did not have to use your computer to set it up. And unlike Google Drive, you did not have to download an app to access the cloud storage.

It was easy to access UDisk since all you needed was a UC Browser and a UCWeb account. After setting up an UCWebb account, you had to go on UC Browser to set it to “speed mode.” If your browser was not on speed mode, then the cloud service was not available.

From there users had to remember to press on the “cloud download” option when they wanted to save a file. By pressing this option, UDisk would open, and users could see their files. Once UDisk was open, you could download any file you saved to your cloud to your device.

An interesting feature of this service was its convenience to the user. By convenience I mean it was easier to use than most cloud storage services that you can use on mobile devices. This service let you choose when and what you wanted to download on your own time.

Users had the ability to save any downloads from their UC Browser to later download from the cloud. Their ability to pause and stop a download was better than other cloud services since you resumed from where you stopped.

The Pros of UDisk

There were many positive aspects of UDisk that made the cloud service worth it. The service had many features that made it great, but it was also convenient for users who needed an accessible cloud storage.

The size of your cloud storage is important since you have to know how much you can save on it. UDisk gave users a 2GB cloud, which is bigger than what some cloud services offer, but it is also similar to the amount that other cloud storage system offers. There was a temporary 4GB storage that users could sign up to access.

The 4GB service gave users a week to save and download large files that they needed. If you need more than a week to download your large files, you could renew this storage option for another week. This was great if you needed time to remove and add files to your permanent 2GB UDisk cloud.

Another great thing about this service was the fast download times. It was faster to download with UDisk than it was with the files origin site. This was great for users that are inpatient or needed files urgently.

Files that were on the cloud had more options than when you downloaded from the original source site. All files on UDisk were had to ability to let users resume downloads. This meant that if you had to pause your download for any reason, then you could resume it at any time. This even worked for files that were originally on a download link that would not let you resume.

The best part of this service was the fact that it was free. While there are many cloud service that are free, most are limited in the terms of cloud space and download speed. In fact, some services have a free and paid version of their clouds. On these other services, the amount of storage you have depends on the version.

To know that there was a remarkable cloud service that was free felt wonderful.

The Cons of UDisk

No cloud storage service is perfect. Even though UDisk was a great service, it still had its problems. Some of these problems were a minor inconvenience. While one was merely a rumor that no knows if it was true or not.

The biggest negative aspect of UDisk is the fact that you can only use the UC Browser with the service. This means that you cannot save on the UDisk cloud and download your saved files from another browser. An example of this is an iPhone user trying to download a file on the UDisk cloud through Safari.

This is an inconvenience for anyone who alternates between browsers of their mobile device.

Another inconvenience of UDisk is that you could not link share save files, a feature that made Dropbox, another cloud service, popular. Users were not allowed to share links to items in their cloud which was a minor trouble for some.

Although it was a rumor, security issues were another problem with UDisk. I do not mean that the cloud could be easily hacked, or that there were not any hacking since all web services are subjected to the problem.

The security problem was that no one was sure if the employees of UCWeb were monitoring your activities or not. While the legality of a company watching users’ activities without their knowledge differs for every country. This rumor might have made some users uncomfortable since people like their privacy. Although there was no merit to this rumor, it did not affect how the cloud function.

The last problem with UDisk is that it is so handy that people will start to get used to using a cloud storage for everything. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, there can be technical problems that cause you to lose files. Another problem is that clouds can go offline. This could be a problem if you want to access files while the cloud down. But clouds can permanently go offline for any reason.

Can I Still Download UDisk

For those who want to download UDisk, I have some bad news for you. UDisk is no longer available to use. There is no known reason on why UCWebb stopped the service, but some have theories.

Back in June of 2016, UDisk users got a notice anytime they tried to access the cloud. This notice basically stated that the service is shutting down and reminded users to save their cloud onto local disks prior to the shutdown date. While this seems terrible, it is not uncommon for browsers to stop supporting certain functions. For whatever reason, UC Browser decided to stop this service.

As of September 15, 2016, UDisk no longer exists. No one knows why UC Browser stopped the cloud service. But some people online have a theory onto why this happened.

The main theory that people have is that UCWebb shut down the storage after the Chinese government started to crack down on cloud storage sites. People have to remember that UCWebb is a Chinese based company, and that China has some of the strictest internet regulations in the world. China has recently started to go after cloud storage services due to the fact that people might upload and save porn in their clouds, which the Chinese government finds distasteful.

While we will probably never know the exact reason that UC Browser stopped UDisk, the Chinese regulation theory might be true. However, there might be an alternative to UDisk.

Is Puffin a Good UDisk Alternative?

Many people online claim that Puffin is a great alternative cloud storage system to users that loved using UDisk. However, Puffin is completely different from UDisk in terms of its functions.

Puffin only allows users to have a free cloud of 100MB and those who have the premium service get up to 1GB of cloud storage. This is unhelpful for those who have big files they want to save to a cloud since the files have to be separated in order to be stored.

Another problem is that Puffin is only available for Android. This means that iOs users cannot use and access this program. There is no known alternative of UDisk for Apple products.

It is horrible to see UDisk suspended. Although many did not realize that this cloud storage existed, those who did were able to do so much with UDisk. While I do not know if UCWebb will bring back their cloud storage service, I hope an alternative for all mobile operating systems is released. Because what’s the internet without being able to conveniently access files.


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