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How to take out the battery of an Infinix Zero X506

The reasons why you would need to disassemble your Infinix Zero X506 can greatly vary, but make sure it is worth taking it apart. Taking apart your phone for any reason will make the warranty that you have for your phone void.

If you are trying to replace the battery, doing a hard restart because your phone isn’t functioning well anymore, or something else of that nature, it may be better to just replace the phone. At the least, talk to your phone distributer and make sure that you can’t retrieve your data from the phone in the condition it is currently in. If that’s not possible, then definitely take the battery out and do what you can to salvage your data.

Remember to be very careful with each piece throughout this process. Your warranty is already void, so you would have to buy new parts for the phone or a new phone if something were to crack or break, like the screen or losing screws. Most of the time, if you are taking the battery out, you are typically trying to save money or at least save your data. In either case, just make sure you place each part in an area where you can easily find them when you are done, as well as an area where they won’t easily be knocked off of that surface and lost. That mainly applies for the screws you will need to take out, but keeping track of the screen is also highly important.

How To Take out the battery of an Infinix Zero X506

Also, be careful with the tools you are using, especially the razor blade. If you aren’t comfortable using a razor blade on its own, which I completely understand, get an Exacto knife to use whenever you need to use a razor blade. With the other tools, such as a tool to pry up the screen with, do it very slowly and carefully. You wouldn’t want to break the piece, the phone as a whole, or end up cutting yourself with whatever tool you are using.

There will be pictures included with each step of the process so that you can see exactly what should be done in each step. Make sure to follow each step very carefully in order to ensure that you are not doing damage to your phone. The unofficial first step, that I will mention here as well as in the note following this section, is to power off your phone and to make sure it is not connected to a charger that is plugged into the wall or any headphones. Disconnecting the phone from the charge ensures you won’t receive an electric shock. Disconnecting earbuds or headphones is to ensure you won’t ruin them or cause them to break if you do end up messing with the wrong part of the phone somehow.

Now that I have already spent a while talking about being careful and safe, here are all the tools and steps (with written and visual directions) laid out to help you take the battery out of your Infinix Zero X506 phone.

1. Turn the phone upside down (screen facing downwards) and using a razor blade, cut down the length of the groove on the right-hand side of the back cover

2. Do the same thing for the left-hand side

3. Using a flat tipped prying tool, gently lift the back cover from one end

4. Lift off the back cover (remove any adhesive still holding it down)

5. The phone should look something like this

6. Using a tiny screwdriver, take out all screws (there should be about 9 holes) 

7. At the bottom of the phone (the end opposite where you have the USB and headset ports), take our the clip holding the body to the screen

8. Turn the phone (screen facing up). Using a flat tipped prying tool, gently separate the screen from the body

9. Using your finger nail or a prying tool, dislodge the screen from the body on all four corners the phone

10. Lift off the screen and you should have something like this

11. Just above the battery, you’ll find two silver clips, if you find then uncliped, put them firmly in place

12. Gently lift the battery from the bottom

13. Raise the battery (about 90 degrees to the phone) then lift it gently to disconnect it

14. Done! You should have something like this

15. To reassemble, simply retrace your steps with the help of the pictures and don’t forget to fasten the back cover using an adhesive

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