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Infinix Zero 4 Edge – Edging Their Way into The Competition?

The Introduction of a New Smartphone

In April Infinix released information to the public for their flagship device the Infinix Zero 4 Edge. This is supposedly a benchmark release for the company and will allow them to compete with major smartphone brands in the industry such as HTC, Samsung, and Apple. With its modern look and sleek appearance, one cannot doubt that Infinix means business when releasing such a device.

The company hopes to bring the latest and greatest of style and technology to its loyal customers and is delighted to do so. For a smartphone market in its current state, a product like the Zero 4 Edge could see a lot of success with its unique 2K Amoled display and Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. Without getting into too many details, this is what to expect from the Zero 4 Edge.

Thoughts from Mr. Jiang

On Facebook Benjamin Jiang the co-founder of Infinix made a wonderful statement about their flagship phone series;

“I proudly announce to all infinix fans and lovers, that we are launching Infinix Zero edge series first generation smartphone devices. The infinix Zero 4 Edge is defining as our first 360-degree screen so called infinity screen with 2k super amoled, and it will be available in the Market very soon!!!”

The Edge 4 Zero and the Consumer

Now that we all know that Infinix has released information on their pride and joy device to us, what does that mean for the consumer? Judging by the most current of technologies it features, one can say that it will appeal to the people who love cutting edge hardware.

There is no question that this device is made to attract people who value high quality components. However, with smartphones being an essential part of everyday life, this phone can appeal to a wide variety of consumers which is what makes Infinix able to compete with big brand names.


After discussing what the consumers will think of the Zero 4 Edge, it’s time we looked at what the smart phone will actually feature. The Infinix Zero 4 Edge can potentially see a Helio X25 deca-core processor with 4 or 6 GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM (expandable). As stated earlier it will run on the Andriod 7.0 Nougat OS.

It will also posture a 5.7 Inch 360-degree screen with 2K Amoled display which is what really sets it apart from the average smartphone on the market. Along with these brilliant features it will sport a 16 MP front/back camera and a 4,000 mAH battery. Please take note that these features are speculation and have not been confirmed!

Overall Reviews

There is no doubt that the Infinix Zero 4 Edge is a state of the art smartphone ready to compete within its niche. It will be interesting to see what the Infinix buyers think of this new flagship series. The high-end hardware that it carries can appeal to the most experienced of tech users as well as individuals who want to up their smartphone game. Surely, Infinix plans to separate themselves from the pack with this new device, and from the looks of it will pave their way to creating a successful product.


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