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Infinix S2 smartphone – Specs & Price

Deviation is sometimes good! While it’s easy to get sucked into the attractive pit of trends and peer pressure for the selection of your phone, what’s commonly forgotten is the price. The realization of something that seems so obvious doesn’t truly hit home until you’ve accepted the charging of your credit card for $600-1000. Why continue bankrolling these monopolies for an unsavory reason like just fitting in?

For those first-timers looking to delve into the universe of smartphones or are someone looking to make a change from their current device – perhaps to a more budget-friendly device than those that carry an affordability comparable to a king’s-ransom, look no further.

Attention Selfie Lovers!

Infinix is marketing their new Infinix S2 smartphone. The newcomer in the Infinix brand and the descendant of the Hot S, the S2 provides many new and attractive additions to its repertoire.

A more developed feature of the S2 is one that builds off its main attraction of being ideal for the selfie user – the new rig contains a 135 dual front camera that will permit users to overcome the struggles of those selfies that fall victim to thin distortion. The phone’s most attractive feature is certainly that of its advanced camera. The S2 will continue the success and admiration of selfie lovers that surrounded its predecessor, the Hot S.

Those selfie aficionados should not end their excitement there, as the selfie has now become more than just generally optimized for one person with the S2. Ladies and gentlemen – we now give you the simplest and most accessible camera to “wefie” (2 or more people) to date.

This is all now possible with the front dual camera that sports a 13 MP lens, along with an 8MP lens and the availability of a soft flash to assist capturing those spur of the moment selfies in unaccommodating picture territory like less-lit areas. The S2 provides an abundance of quality, proven camera technologies and standards like autofocus, Geo-tagging and face detection.

Features of the New S2

Besides the uniqueness of the camera provided by the S2, another all new feature is the installation of a 2.5D glass display along the corners of the screen. Basically, the edges have been rounded. This may seem more like a unnecessary commodity more than an essential function but this seemingly small change indeed makes for a much more user-friendly experience while scrolling across your phone. Not to mention, it adds a much sleeker and sexier aesthetic value to the appearance.

How Does It Look?

While we’re on the topic of aesthetics, let’s talk looks. The S2 is on the smaller side for sure but there undoubtingly a desire to still have the choice of smaller phones that are more easily maneuverable in the hands. It has a favorable 5.2-inch; HD display being protected under Dragontrail glass.

While this glass isn’t completely destroy-proof, it is a rough and tough glass that does a fine job withstanding many of the common cosmetic faults we run into with the smartphone screens. For those seeking the music playing compatibility of the phone, it comes equipped with 3.5 mm audio port jack or the freedom to play your selections over the in-house loudspeaker.

The Build and Available Colors

The phone is constructed of a full-metal body build with the fingerprint scanner which locates itself on the center of the flipside of the phone. Quickly directing back to the camera, the dimensions were dealt a great deal of thought in allowing the device to be easily controlled with just the use of one hand and let’s be honest, how many phones can you say that for these days?

It comes equipped with the traditional touchscreen and now sports a range of 4 total available colors – Black, Rose, Gold and Gray. Out of the box you can expect to find all of the basic needs for functioning included like the power adaptor; a USB cable; and earphones.

Functioning and Availability

How does it function? Right off of the assembly line, the S2 operates off the Android 6.0 but 7.0 is readily available pending an upgrade by the user. A respectable maximum speed of 1.3 GHz that is fueled by an Octa-core Cortex MT6753W processor.

Included are 2GB or RAM and 16GB of storage – this assures ease of even the most frequent change in navigations and tasks. This storage can be significantly increased by way of an external microSD card which would allow for a total of 128GB. The S2 has incorporated a multi-account feature that will grant users the choice to login to multiple accounts in either games or our beloved social media applications.

Regarding availability, the S2 was first made ready for purchase in Kenya and now it has surfaced to the rest of the continent and aside from being available for purchase at the Infinix shop, it should be readily accessible at any popular online store as well as any retail store all with the price-range of NGN 55,000 to NGN 66,000 or approximately 206 USD.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you’ve run a little dry of extra expenditures as of late or just want to add a little bit of different spice for your third-hand, the S2 proves a worthwhile substitution to all of your smartphone needs and you’ll find yourself never looking back once it makes its way into your pocket.

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