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12+ Best Infinix Phones You Can Get At The Moment

Since the launch of the first set of Infinix phones in 2013, Infinix has gradually taken over a large percentage smartphone market in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

They have gone from “Zero to Hot” as some would say it.

And they have literally gone from Zero to Hot 🙂 .

Infinix (branded as Infinix Mobility) is a mobile phone manufacturing company that is based in Hong Kong with their design company in Paris.

Like already said, a large percentage of smartphone users in Africa, especially in Nigeria has opted in for infinix phones due to its affordability and premium feel.

One thing Infinix is good at is the final look of the product. I mean the physical design. They took the design of cheap smartphones to a whole new level with Infinix Zero and Infinix Zero 2 especially.

Wondering the best infinix phone you can get at the moment?

I have done some research and compiled the top 11 best Infinix phones you can get in the market at the moment.

This is not a one time list. What I mean actually is that the list will be updated regularly as new infinix phones are launched and as old ones are being upgraded.

So let’s dive into the list…


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