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Infinix Note 3 Price/Specs in Pakistan

Based off of the specs for the Infinix Note 3, the phone has already been improved upon from the Infinix Note 2. The Note 3 isn’t bigger than the Note 2, but it does have a much better screen resolution, a higher battery capacity, and a liquid cooling system.

The Note 3 is a fully HD device with a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, as compared to the Note 2 with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. The liquid cooling system is essentially a heat pipe within the phone that removes heat. This was Infinix’s way of letting consumers know that they had heard the complaints of past phones overheating.

This phone also comes with 3 memory card slots so you can store more on your phone! You can have up to 2 SIM cards in use, with one in each slot, as well as one external memory card. For many people, memory is almost always a problem, so this may be a good phone to use if you are looking for something with a large amount of memory storage.

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Champagne Gold

Champagne Gold

Crystal Grey

Crystal Grey

There were cool features of the Infinix Note 3 that were difficult to fit into the specs; these features are about the camera on the phone and how you can easily unlock your phone with the fingerprint scanner!

For example, there is a fingerprint identifier on the phone so that you can securely lock and unlock your device. It also allows you to take pictures with the fingerprint scanner! Just tap on it and it will capture the moment.

Not only that, but the main and front facing cameras are both made with blue glass inside of them. This helps eliminate lens flare in your pictures from bright lights. So if you are trying to take a picture of a street that is lit up with dozens and dozens of lights, or even just trying to take a picture and the sun ends up in the background, it will no longer stream bursts of light across your picture. For those who like to take a lot of photos or like having photos of better quality, this is definitely an extremely good additional feature in this device.

Overall, the Infinix Note 3 is among one of the most well-made Infinix phones as of now. It has several additional features that allow the user of the phone a better experience of using the device, whether it is streaming their favorite TV show on their phone or taking high quality pictures. The phone is built with such a large amount of battery power that it will take a lot of apps running and constant use to wear it out quickly. The Infinix Note 3 is also said to have an incredibly fast charging time so you can use your phone even more often than before!

If you are looking for a phone with lots of storage, battery power, an excellent camera, and fantastic screen resolution, this may be the best choice for you.


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