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Infinix Note 2 X600 Specs & Price In Nigeria

Ready to upgrade to a new faster, more advanced cellphone? Then the Infinix Note 2 may be the phone for you. Take a quick look at these specs, as we go over the innate features, and see for yourself!

Infinix is a fairly new brand which is already taking the world by storm. They have recently infiltrated the Kenyan market and are on track to becoming as popular as HTC, Apple and other major brands, and they also operate on the global market. The Infinix Note 2 is pretty affordable when compared to other phones in the same category, and it has a range of impressive features which rival and even beat their competition. The Infinix Note 2 is the follow up to the popular Infinix Hot Note which was released in late 2015. The Note 2 has surpassed its predecessor by offering a better quality camera, even more impressive battery life and an upgrade to the Android 5.1 Lollipop system.

The Pros and The Cons:

Check out the good stuff!

  • Huge screen surface: play video games, watch videos, and record home videos with high quality and a large videoscape. This phone has an impressive screen-to-body ratio which is comfortable to hold without compromising on graphic display. You will be able to get more out of your videos and games with the Infinix Note 2.
  • Easily get connected to a 4G Network: have the highest gig network on the market today, with the benefits of fast downloading and faster internet connections.
  • A crisp and clear User Interface: enjoy a beautiful screen display issued by the best technological power from Infinix XUI.
  • Slow depleting battery: With a 4040mAh, battery will keep a longer charge than any other Infinix product in the past, while also instilling an Ultra Save Mode and Ultra Power Mode.
  • Photo capture quality: the high definition of the phone’s specs allows for large and crisp photo files that can be easily accessed and shared through social media in a quick and simple fashion. This phone has an impressive 13MP rear camera which offers far better picture quality than a lot of comparative products. The rear camera also utilizes PDAF phase-focusing technology which means you can focus in seconds to ensure your picture is in focus. The camera also uses Stack and Samsung ISOcell technology for a better resolution and clearer photo’s in darker environments.
  • Long battery life. The Infinix Note 2 has 8 hours of talk time and it only takes 90 minutes to fully charge! It also has a 2-day battery life if it’s not in constant use.

Check out the not so good stuff…

  • Excessive heat exposure: the system will begin to act slower with excessive exposure and nonstop use
  • Average performance levels: with a limitation of only 1 GB RAM, storage on the phone can interfere with performance levels directly
  • Average camera interface: the photo capturing application doesn’t allow much room for creativity or innovation. Overall, it is only a standard feature.

Overall, the Infinix Note 2 seems to be a worthwhile device. The quality of upgrades and features gained outshine the two downsides of the system. However, if you are a heavy data user or enjoy filling up your download que, you should keep the second con in mind.

Overview of Interface and Design

The Infinite Note 2 is larger than your average cellphone device. In fact, so much larger that it can be considered a phablet: a phone and a digital tablet. With a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, on the large 6.0 inch screen it should be easy to navigate your apps and play games leisurely.

The phone is rather light, weighing in at only 194 grams, and has a larger dimension size of 159.5 x 82.5 x 9.3 millimeters. This large screen can be adjusted with the opening tabs and buttons along the sides of the phone, as well as, using them to adjust brightness and volume.

The device is available in two standard colors of gold, grey, and black; and, with a soft and graspable plastic finish, the device is fun to touch and comfortable to travel with; but if you’d prefer to go without it, you can snap off the back cover, as it is removable. This, however, cannot be said for the phone’s battery as well, that 4040mAh feature is not removable.

Looking inside at the Internal Operating System

This Infinix device contains a fast processor. This includes a 64bit 1.3Hz Octa-core Mediatek processor that expands over a small 1 GB piece of RAM. This can be problematic if you are a multitasking user, as it is a large amount of processing working in a tiny amount of space. So, this could slow overall speed depending on use.

However, it shouldn’t be a huge inconvenience, as the phone uses the XUI system for an easier to navigate and more streamlined performance experience. Provided is also an internal storage space of 16 GB and an external storage space of up to 32 GB; so, maintaining space for all your files and applications should be a fairly easy feat.

The various Camera features

Including in the camera’s functioning features are a LED flash, a 13mP back camera, a 2mP front camera, and auto capture system. This could become an inconvenience if you are absolutely meticulous about capturing photos, but it will not make a huge difference in camera experience.

The camera on the device is at most average, with a basic and uninventive interface; but, the picture quality is stunning. So no matter what you snap, you will most likely be entirely satisfied with the quality of your picture. Thus, making it easier to convert and share through various forms of media without losing high quality specs. It also has a 70% increased light intake so you can get better quality pictures even in darker settings or at night, and there is a 16:9 photosensitive chip for even better selfies. The downside is that unlike other Infinix products this phablet does not offer Optical Image Stabilization and you will therefore have to make sure your hands are stable to avoid blurry images.

Hand Gesture Commands

This phone lets you use simple hand gestures to turn on specific functions without having to spend your time opening the app. For example, a full quarter circle gesture will bring up the camera, an ‘o’ gesture will turn on Facebook, and a vertical line will turn on the phones dialer.

Over average Battery Life

The battery on this phone is crazily fast, easy, and convenient. Charging the device for approximately 15 minutes can result in up to 8 hours of uninterrupted use. And when fully charged, it is possible for the device to stay charged for A FULL 2 DAYS! That’s some incredible battery power.

Plus, the Infinix Note 2 allows you to charge other devices and phones from your charging ports. This can be done manually or through the phone’s safe mode, for more efficient usage. And calls, texts, and other Wi-Fi connections can be maintained during this safe mode process.

One last Quick Overview of the Infinix Note 2 X600

This device comes with…

  • A high speed processor of 1.3Hz with a smaller 1 GB RAM.
  • Black, grey, and gold color design options
  • An average camera interface with high quality photo capture
  • Ultra-Power Save modes
  • High internal and external storage accessibilities
  • A heavy and strong powered battery system, that gives up to 2 days of constant usage
  • IPS advanced touchscreen including 16M colors
  • Easily available 4G Network connections

Where to Buy?

The Infinix Note 2 X600 can be found at your local retailers, such as 3CHUB, Slots and Microsation, etc. There are also many online retailers who carry the device in stock at all times, including many of who can get you your new device within 1 day of purchase. From any area in Nigeria, they should be able to deliver to you your Inifinix Note 2 X600 in no time flat.

Also, take a look at the other products Infinix has come out with, such as:

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