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The Infinix Hot 3 and Infinix Hot 3 Pro Price In Nigeria

Nigeria excitedly waited for their new Infinix mobile phone; the Infinix Hot 3, and it’s Infinix Hot 3 companion (the Pro). These phones were released in Nigeria firstly but will be in other countries before long, and can be found online. The price has since been released online, along with the design and specific details. You can find the phone on Konga or Jumia, both websites that sell Infinix phones.


If you have yet to hear about Infinix, the phone company, then I’ll explain it for you. The company is very popular in various South Asian and African countries; where the company focuses on.

Infinix is a company that specializes in producing smartphones at a cheap price for a lot of African and South Asian countries. They focus on keeping the phones affordable, but still very useful in everyday life. Infinix hopes to bring their phones to the public to help improve their lives and lifestyles.

The Infinix company is certainly a company to look out for as it gains momentum and popularity. It is a company founded on a very kind idea of bringing quality mobile phones to countries that are usually overlooked, or require more affordable prices.

Part of the reason why Infinix manages to sell their phones at such a low price is because their phones are Android One phones, which will be explained a little better in the article. Their phones run Android software but try to keep their phones affordable.

Nigerian Price

The price for the phone in Nigeria has been released, along with photos and other information. The starting price for the phones is around #30,000 – #35,000 in Nigeria, and is available on the sites Konga, and Jumia. It is only available in Nigeria on these sites as far as I know.

This price is subject to change, however, as time passes or the economic status of the country changes. That is I gave the price range I did, rather than state one exact price; it varies. Certain locations could also have a different price than others, so it’s really something to look into based on specific places.

Infinix Hot 3 and Hot 3 Pro:

The Infinix Hot 3 has 1GB of RAM along with an 8MP camera, which is better than the Infinix Hot phones before it. It comes in a variety of colors, such as; pink, blue, black, white, grey, and beige. They are sleek and have a very nice design, so they are appealing to look at.

The phone was released March of 2016, and was the first mobile phone from that company that year. It is a part of the company’s Hot series, as its name suggests. It has a larger screen, greater battery life, and is overall a better phone than the ones before it.

The target for these phones is said to be students, are those who cannot afford very expensive brand mobile phones. Infinix makes their phones affordable on purpose, it is a part of their appeal.

For shooting photos, the Hot 3 comes with 8MP back camera and front 5MP camera; while the HOT 3 PRO comes with 13MP Back camera and 5MP front camera. The camera flash at the back will help it shoot better photos in low light conditions.

Hot 3 has 1GB RAM, while HOT 3 PRO has 2GB RAM. Both smartphones run on Android 5.1 Lollipop with XUI on top. They both have a 1.3 GHz MediaTek Quad-core processor; powered by a 3000mAh battery.

Hot 3 will be available in 4 different colors; White, Wine, Gold and Blue.

If you want more information, or nice visuals to go with the phone, then you can look on the official Infinix website, or on YouTube. There is a video released online that explains the phone and it’s features in a very creative and entertaining way. The video is informative and has beautiful music to go with, so I recommend it if you are interested in the phone.

Looking at The Improvements

The improvements that have been made with the Infinix Hot 3 phone are very clear, and distinct; the design is different and the screen is visibly larger. Its body is made of polished plastic, and it resembles the Infinix Hot Note; another phone by the company.

The charging port AND earpiece port are both on the top of the phone, which is not that common with smartphones. The volume and power buttons are both on one side of the phone, yet again uncommon.

The front and back cameras are larger and better quality than the previous Infinix Hot phones; an 8MP back camera and a 5MP front camera. The Hot 3 Pro has even larger cameras, which makes it distinctly “pro”. The Hot 3 Pro also has a lot more space and ram available, but they both run the same software.

Android One

Android One is a series of phones that are made cheaper but still run Android software. These phones were released in 2014 in various countries. Infinix’s phones are Android Ones, which is partly why their phones are so cheap.

Android One phones first released in only a set amount of countries; Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and some South Asian countries. They were then released in the rest of the South Asian and African countries. The Infinix Hot 3 is not the first Infinix Hot phone to launch in Nigeria first, so was the Infinix Hot 2.

The Android One exact requirements are not available yet online, so people are unsure about what exactly the minimum requirements are. But, they will probably find their way online eventually, and will be interesting to look at.

Infinix is a very supportive company that puts their customers’ lives and needs first. They ensure their phones are good quality as well as very affordable, so students and those with less money can still get a smartphone to help with their daily lives. The phones are what people need to increase their value of living, as they can help them communicate with others and have a lot of handy features.

The Infinix Hot 3 and the Infinix Hot 3 Pro are very interesting and well-designed new phones. They provide users with a very friendly experience, as they have greatly improved features. Both of the phones are good, though the pro has some very obvious improvements. The pro is more expensive and the improvements, while nice, are not necessarily needed, so the Hot 3 is fine.

Infinix Hot 2 and Infinix Hot 3 Comparison

Before moving on, here is a comparison between the Hot 3 and its former self, the Hot 2. There are a few distinct differences between the Infinix Hot 2 and the Infinix Hot 3. This could end up helping you make the decision to either upgrade your device or to figure out which version of the phone you would rather buy. These phones are very similar, as they are from the same line of phone models, but there are a few distinct differences between the two devices.

Potentially the most important difference between these two phone models is that the Infinix Hot 3 has a battery that will last longer because it has a 3000mAH battery. Meanwhile, the Infinix Hot 2 has a 2200 mAH battery. It makes quite the difference if you are using your phone a lot. It has also been said that the Hot 3 charges very rapidly while the Hot 2 does not charge anywhere nearly as quick as the Hot 3.

Then there are the differences between the cameras. Unlike the Hot 3, the Hot 2 does not have a front-facing camera with flash or a camera made with blue glass. This will make a significant, in some cases, differences in the quality of pictures taken. The soft flash of the Hot 3 helps adds better lighting to any selfies you take. The blue glass camera also filters out much of the lens flare that occurs from bright lights in a photo.

This means that, for the Hot 2, the pictures may turn out looking slightly worse, although both phones have essentially the same camera and screen resolution. The lighting can always make the difference in a good or bad photo. For those who rarely use their cameras, this is definitely a negligible difference between the devices.

But is the physical display difference negligible? The extra half inch off of the Infinix Hot 2 when compared with the Infinix Hot 3. This is mainly important for the ability to store your phone a bit easier within your pocket or to hold, which can make some lean towards the Infinix Hot 2 instead. On the other hand, some like having larger phones so they can read, watch videos, or play games with a little more ease. Whether or not this matters is entirely up to you.

There is also the difference in physical design. The Hot 3 has a very unique design in comparison with other phones by Infinix. The Hot 2 has a design that is more similar to that of the Zero series. The Hot 3 also a fingerprint scanner, which can also activate the camera, whereas the Hot 2 doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner at all.

Overall, both phones are incredibly similar. However, the Infinix Hot 3 and Hot Pro are the better choice for those who want a larger display, a longer lasting battery, or better cameras. There is no worse model between these two devices.


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