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Infinix Hot 2, How to Solve Its Problems

The Infinix Hot 2, a fairly new phone, has been called out for a few problems. The problems, however, are insignificant and can be easily solved. So, try not to write off the phone because of what others say about it. Any phone has problems, trust me, there are no truly “perfect” mobile phones.

The Infinix Hot 2 mobile phone was launched a year and a half ago in August 2015. It comes with reasonable specs including 2GB of RAM, 16GB or internal storage and a SD card slot, an 8mp back camera, and a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. This is a pretty impressive budget phone, but unfortunately a lot of customers are experiencing problems which are ruining their Infinix experience.

What Is the Infinix Hot 2?

Infinix Hot 2 is a fairly new AndroidOne phone that has been considered “fake” or “problematic”. It is not a fake phone and is very much real. It does have a few problems, but so does any other phone; no phone is perfect. These problems can be solved. The phone was released in August 2015 and has a 5 inch display. The phone is credited for its good battery life, and is the best-selling Infinix phone to date. Overall it is a fairly good phone that is not ordinary.

Infinix Hot 2 runs on STOCK Android which is different from the normal Android you see. Stock Android is the basic Android system design without any of the extra customization.

You will need to create a Gmail account in order to use this phone, because as you can see all of the installed applications are Google applications and you need a Google account in order to access them.

The STOCK Android system which it uses is the same as the system that other Android phones use, it’s just that the STOCK system is in its basic form and has not been customized.

Note: A lot of the problems you may experience with your Infinix Hot 2 have a simple solution; you are using a guest account rather than a personal account. Before you go any further check to see if you are on a guest account and if so reset your phone and create an account for yourself.

What Are the Problems?

  1. No File manager?

One of the main problems, from various users of the phone, is that it is hard to access the storage because the phone does not have File manager already downloaded on it. This is a really common problem that users may experience, and all you need to do is download a file manager.

Solution: Simply go to your google play store and search for various programs that allow you to access your storage. Some examples are ASTRO File Manager, ES File Explorer, Xplore File Manager. I am sure there are plenty others, so it is not a hard thing to fix.

  1. Where Are My Photos?

Another issue with the phone is that people are having a hard time accessing their photos. Some people cannot find the photos that they have on their phone. The Infinix Hot 2 does actually have a gallery app which is called Google Photo’s. It may not be quite what you are expecting, but it is there.

Solution: Yet again, this can be solved by downloading certain apps on the google playstore; A+ Gallery, QuickPic Gallery, or another other well-known picture gallery app.

  1. Various Issues with Launcher

There are a range of issues people have had with the original launcher on the device, such as changing to vertical scrolling. This tends to happen with a lot of devices, many people aren’t satisfied with the original launchers on their devices, so they download a different one.

Solution: Guess what the solution is for this one? I know, I’m saying it again, go to the google play store to download a more satisfying launcher. There are numerous launchers and I am sure you can find a better one if you look at reviews on the app or online.

  1. Always Ask”

When some people make calls on their phones they like for their sim cards to ask first. This is, yet again, a very simple fix. No, do not go to the google play store for this one.

Solution: Go to your Settings and find the Sim Cards section.

Settings -> Sim Card -> Calls -> “Always Ask”

  1. How to Access Videos

Photos was mentioned earlier, I decided to split these two up because there are some apps that work specifically for videos.

Solution: So, go to the google play store and find an app that allows you to access videos, such as MX Video Player, or simply use QuickPic (same one you can use for photos).

More problems and solutions are provided below

Problem 6: I can’t change my ringtone to the song of my choosing.

Solution: All you need to do in this case is use the ES File Explorer you downloaded to find the song and then set it as your ringtone.

Problem 7. My phone doesn’t have HSDPA.

Solution: It actually does. If you go to settings and click on the ‘about’ section you will see it, but it won’t appear on your status bar unless you download Xposed Framework and Gravity Box and then manually select the H+ feature to appear on our status bar.

Problem 8: After Upgrading my contacts are now just displayed as numbers.

Solution: If your call log or phone book is just displaying numbers without names ten there is a simple solution. All you have to do is go to settings, click on accounts and head to Google. Click the top right menu and remove your account. You should then be able to add your account again and your problem should be fixed.

Problem 9: I no longer see my 2nd Sim as an option when making a call.

Solution: If you are experiencing this issue all you need to do is head to the options menu located on the top right of your screen, click on settings, choose ‘calling accounts’ and select ‘ask first’. You should now be able to set it up so both your SIM cards are displayed.

Wasn’t That Easy?

The Inifinix Hot 2 is a fairly good phone, aside from the few flaws. Not every phone comes flawless, so it definitely isn’t abnormal. These main problems are so simple to solve, so I hope it helps you enjoy your new phone.


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