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How To Use The Infinix XContacts

XContacts application is an app that is pre-installed on all Infinix XUI (Infinix User Interface) devices, and it is arguably one of the best features of the XUI.

XContacts app helps you back up all your phone contacts directly to an XUI server using your Infinix forum (XClub) I.D, so that you can restore your contacts to your phone in case of phone lost, damage or if you change your Infinix phone.

Surprisingly, some Infinix XUI users are not using this awesome feature already.

The app is 100% free, easy to use and very safe.

It is very simple and convenient to use, it does not require you to open any third-party user account, does not tie anything to your email account therefore your email account and privacy is never compromised and it helps you backup or restore your phone contacts anytime, anywhere.

Here is how to use the XContacts…

How to use XContacts

Step #1: Open the XContacts app, click on the menu (the three dash on the top left corner) to login or register (if you don’t have an XClub account already).

Login or Register with XContacts

Step #2: Click “Upload to Cloud” to back up your contacts or click “Download to phone” to download from XUI cloud to you phone.

Back up your contacts with XContacts

Step #3: Confirm you upload or download by clicking “Upload to cloud” or “Download to phone” again on the next page and the process will start.

Uploading to XContacts server

Uploading to XContacts server

Step #4: Once the process is complete, click “Completed” and you are good to go.


Enjoy your XUI!


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