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How to insert a memory card into Infinix HOT S

It’s a bit tedious process to insert a memory card into Infinix HOT S smartphone. But, here I’m sharing a complete procedure of how to make it happen without going through any issues in particular. You need to make a choice between using either Dual SIM cards or a single SIM card with the microSD card.

This is because of the fact that Infinix HOT S smartphone uses the Hybrid SIM Card tray instead of separate slots for two different SIM cards and the microSD card.

A hybrid SIM card tray a special invention by smartphone vendors who have a challenging task to put a lot of elements in a smartphone without increasing the overall thickness.

If the thickness increases, then it counts on to the weight of the device, which is again a not impressive thing as per user experience score is concerned.

How to Insert a Memory Card into Infinix HOT S

The procedure is simple and straight. However, the implementation is struggling because of the size of that hybrid SIM card tray. It is too small to handle!

Step 1 – Turn Off the smartphone by holding the Power key and tapping twice on the Power off button which appears on the screen.

Step 2 – Using the SIM card removal tool, provided in the box of the smartphone, remove the hybrid SIM card tray. You just have to insert the pointer inside the hole.

Step 3 – As the hybrid SIM card tray pops-out, you need to first put a Memory Card and another SIM card. Please note that only microSD card is going to work here.

Step 4 – Re-insert the hybrid SIM Card tray again in the same slot in the same position. You need to hold it down carefully and do it slowly.

This is all you have to do and I hope it isn’t too much to ask for any help?

If you are still not able to make it happen, better go to a nearby shop and ask for professional help. Or maybe a friend who is good doing these small and tedious things.

The real issue is with the microSD card and the SIM card which tends to move out of the outlets made on the hybrid SIM card tray.

This was all about how to insert a memory card into Infinix HOT S smartphone. I hope the guide was helpful and procedure went smoothly at your end.


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