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How to Get Apps from Blackberry World On Your Phone?

BlackBerry is a mobile phone company that made phones as well as various services. The company began in 1999, making it 17 years old, so it ran for quite a while. It was one of the biggest phone companies but slowly lost popularity, especially recently. Because of this, the company has decided to stop making new phones so they can focus on the services and components it makes. The latest BlackBerry phones run Android software so they use the same app store that Android phones use, the Google Play Store, making the BlackBerry World store less needed.

On older phones there is even a lack of the app store though, and many users have needed to reinstall it or find another way to download apps onto their phones. This article explains two ways to get BlackBerry World back onto your phone. The two ways are through installing the app store onto your phone OR by downloading apps online and then syncing them onto your phone.

A Quick Summary of What the Blackberry App World Is:

App World is the app store that is specific for the BlackBerry phones, but it is not always downloading on the phone before you get it. Do not fear, though, because it is not impossible to download the app; it’s actually quite simple. Some of the phones, like the Curve, Torch, or Bold, do not always come with the app, but it is not hard to install it.

The store is like any other app store, but is BlackBerry specific. It was made to work with the BlackBerry device software. It used to be labelled “BlackBerry App World” but was later changed to just BlackBerry World; which is shorter and simpler.

App World, now known as BlackBerry World, was first released the summer of 2010. It is the app store available for BlackBerry phones before the BlackBerry Priv, which uses the Google Play Store. The new phones will run Android, so they will use that store, but the old ones still require the BlackBerry World store.

Your Phone Does Not Have the App Store?

As the phones evolve and the years go on, the apps and systems change with it. The BlackBerry World app store, if not installable on your mobile phone, has its own website online that allows you to download the apps and sync them onto your phone with your ID. This can be a longer process than having the app downloaded, but it still allows you to get the apps you want.

So, here is how to get the app store, or just apps, for yourself, on an older BlackBerry phone. It is written in easy to read steps with proper explanations. The two ways to get apps are to either install BlackBerry World through online websites or to sync apps onto your phone from the online store.

The Steps for Installing Blackberry World (TENTATIVE)

  1. Check the software on your phone

Checking the software on your phone may sound hard, but it is not. Go to settings or options and find the “About” or “Device” section. Then click on “About Device Versions” to find out about your specific phone.

  1. Look at the BlackBerry World website (

Go onto the BlackBerry World website to download the app, or find it through other means online. If it is hard to find, then try the next form of attaining the app.

  1. Create a BlackBerry ID if you do not have one

Having a BlackBerry ID is very important and will allow you to use the app store, so ensure that you have one that is working.

See, it is very quiet simple and should not take too long. However, if it is confusing then the steps will be explained and written down here to make it more helpful though. I will try to write down the steps here in the best way possible.

It is TENTATIVE because I do not have a BlackBerry phone myself, but family members do, so I have not done this part myself. There are people have found the app on the webstore, and other sources have stated you can install the app on older phones. If this way does not work, then try the next one about installing only the apps from the store.

Checking the Software:

To download the app your phone requires a minimum of certain features, so it is important that you find this information out about your phone. It can be found by going through your options on your phone and finding the “About” or “Device” section. The software needed to download the app store is: BlackBerry® Device Software v5.0 to v7.1

If this software is not on your phone, if you have a version earlier than that, then skip to the next way of downloading apps. It is still possible to get the apps so do not give up easily; a backup plan is in place.

Newer BlackBerry phones have Android software so it is not possible to download the BlackBerry World app, but it is fixed by the phone being able to use the Google Play store. This article is for those with older phone models, but that information is good to know. The software has changed in BlackBerry phones and should be looked at when buying the phone. The older phones do not have the same software. Some very old models do not even the software needed to install the app store.

The Steps for Installing Apps from Blackberry World onto Your Phone:

  1. Go to the BlackBerry World website