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Get Ready To Rock The Infinix Smartwatch (XBand)!

I’m excited to announce to you the latest Infinix gadget – Infinix Xband.

The Xband (XBO1) is a Smartwatch from Infinix Mobility gearing up to be launched soon.

The Infinix Production Manager confirmed that they have been working on the device for a while now and it is ready to be launched.

Infinix Smartwatch

The device promises a lot of features and one of them is the Bluetooth receiver which is a cool feature.

In case you are wondering what a Bluetooth receiver is, a Bluetooth receiver allows your to play music you stored on the device on other Bluetooth enabled devices such as audio stereo system, Bluetooth headset, within up to 30 feet of range.

Here are more pictures of the Xband:

Infinix XBand

Infinix Smartwatch (Xband)

Infinix Smartwatch

The price and launch date of the XBO1 is yet to be confirmed, but in the mean time, Infinix Kenya is giving you a chance to win the Smartwatch for yourself (if you are a Kenyan resident) by participating in the Candy Crush competition.

What are thoughts about the Xband, how much do you think it should cost?


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