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GearBest Special Offer of $34.99 on Wechip V8 TV Box

GearBest online retail is offering a special deal on the new Android Wechip V8 TV Box. No matter where you are in the world, be the first to get your hands on this revolutionary new device!


The Wechip V8 TV Box has many impressive features to boast. The TV Box uses Android 7.1 Nougat OS as its platform, giving it the capability to run applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Netflix, Twitter, HBO, and many more. 3D games and videos are also available through the system. The Wechip V8 contains 16GB of internal memory for maximum storage capability. In addition, the Wechip contains 2GB of RAM and is powered by 2GHz Quad-Core Cortex Amlogic S905W.

Other noteworthy features include high quality 4K playback and HDR clarity. 2.4G WiFi gives a stable and secure connection. Surround Sound Output is also included. Multi-lingual ability makes this system ideal for anyone, regardless of nationality and native language.

An Energy Efficient Device

GearBest gives recommendations on plug type and voltage type based on country. The Wechip V8 TV Box has extremely low power consumption and is powered through a charge adapter. A remote control powered by three AAA batteries is paired with the device for easy control.


In addition to state-of-the-art special features, the Wechip V8 TV Box has a sleek and streamlined appearance, making it perfect for display. It measures 9.30 x 9.30 x 1.5 cm. With these dimensions and a weight of 140 grams, the Wechip V8 TV is compact, thin, and lightweight. The device has a smooth top surface containing the Wechip logo, with ports located on the back and on the left side. The corners of the device are rounded. The color of the TV box is black.

Why Purchase a TV Box?

A TV Box turns your TV into a Smart TV, giving it all the capabilities of a smartphone – live videos, movies, TV shows, games, and more. It is one of the latest developments in entertainment technology, going a step beyond the high-resolution screen monitors that are often advertised.

Why GearBest?

GearBest is an online retail website offering the best deals on the latest technology from around the world. GearBest makes it easy for customers to purchase devices, no matter where in the world they live. Furthermore, GearBest even offers free shipping on many purchases.

Special Deal

GearBest is currently selling the Wechip V8 TV Box for a sale price of $34.99. This price is at an 11 percent discount from the original GearBest offer and is advertised as being the lowest price available – for an already reasonable device. Package contents include a TV Box, an HDMI Cable, a charge adapter, a remote control, and an English manual. Batteries are not included.

The Wechip V8 TV Box offers smart TV streaming with clarity and efficiency. This is a limited time special offer and will not be available for long, so visit GearBest to get the deal of $34.99 while it lasts!

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