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Fingerprint Scanner And Metal Body: Why Are They The New Trend?

You probably already know that Infinix Hot S will be the next Infinix phone and will also be the first Infinix phone to feature all metal body and fingerprint scanner. What you may not know already is why Infinix and other phone manufactures have opted in for these features.

Let’s look at that in details…

Why metal body?

Metal Body

Smartphones that use Metal Body generally gives the impression of elegance and are very comfortable in the hand.

Aluminium and Magnesium are two metals that are often used to manufacture smartphones. Both of these materials are easy to set up and does not break or crack when forged or cut, making it easier for smartphone manufacturers to apply good design and appropriate.

Metal body smartphone are also known to distribute heat widely and evenly, which makes the smartphone cool down quickly even though the processor maybe working at full capacity. This unique capability of metal contributed heavily to the reason phone manufactures opted in for metal body instead of plastic. (Credit).

Why fingerprint scanner?

Fingerprint scanner

Use of fingerprints as a technology is no less than a boon in a world where almost anything can be hacked.

Fingerprint Reader was initially associated with personalized smartphone. In short, a smartphone for one user. This is with regard to sensitive data stored on the smartphone by the user. But in its development, the fingerprint reader is directed to shorten the user’s interaction with the smartphone.

According to a study, smartphone users unlock their smartphone as much as 110 times a day. Because of this, the manufacturer considers that the Fingerprint Reader is a middle ground to enhance safety factor without sacrificing speed and efficiency of the user in opening the lock screen. Just one touch you can immediately unlock your smartphone.

Other benefits:

A Smartphone’s equipped with fingerprint sensors offers many benefits, including:

  • Convenience
  • Substitute for passwords and pin codes
  • Payments via mobile devices
  • Greater use of smartphones by business people
  • Fast Lock/unlock devices screen and apps
  • Identification for connection to the Internet of things

Now you know the reasons behind metal body and fingerprint scanner, will you rock Infinix Hot S? I bet you will.


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