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Everything You NEED to Know About the Xpen and the Infinix Note 4 Pro

The Note 4 Pro got the royal treatment from Infinix, who gave this device the Xpen, unlike the regular Note 4. True to Napoleon’s word, this pen really is mighty.

For anyone who MUST take notes on the go, or those who need their device for graphics, the Xpen will hold great appeal. However, other users may find that the Pro version is actually overkill for day-to-day tasks.


Infinix’s Note 4 received early criticisms about its hardware. It seemed to reviewers that the new phone kept most of the same specs from the Note 3, which can be disheartening for those of us who want the newest and best from our devices.

The Note 4 Pro, however, lives in a class of its own as far as specs go; it has 100% more internal storage than its base model, as well as 50% more RAM. Users will experience better battery life with the Pro versions as well, which boasts a 4500mAh battery as compared to the 4300mAh of the Note 4.

The Pro versions keeps the fast-charging technology of the Note 4, boasting a 45% charge from just thirty minutes plugged in.

It would seem, from a hardware perspective, the Note 4 Pro is truly an upgrade.


Unlike the base model, the 4 Pro comes with a handsome metal body, giving it that ‘premium’ feel, according to early reviewers. Note 4 users must settle for a glass covering in the rear of the phone, in lieu of the more modern design.

Customers upgrading to the Pro version will also notice a rather bulky feel to their new device. The Xpen requires a cradle attachment to store the pen, increasing the overall size beyond what some casual customers may require.

Although the Xpen case is large, users have reported they can still use the device with one hand.


What good is a phone that you can’t customize? The Note 4 Pro allows users to personalize their new device with new color options; Champagne Gold, Sandstone Black, Prussian Blue and Lilac Gray.

The Note 4 Pro allows for much more storage as well. Users can upgrade from the 3GB RAM minimum to a 32GB version, as well as add up to 128GB of extra storage with a microSD memory card.

Infinix’s newest ideation also boasts dual SIM slots (both micro) as well as the microSD slot, for further customization. The fingerprint scanner also allows fast access to your phone with just a swipe of the finger (reported acces time is less than ½ of a second).

The Pro version also gives users Bluetooth 4.2, a micro USB, dual-band WI-FI and 4G LTE.


As mentioned earlier, the major difference between the Note 4 and its big brother, the Pro, is the stylus. Infinix has christened its writing implement the Xpen.

From early footage the Xpen looks very responsive, unlike early stylus offering for mobile phones. Users can take notes in different colors, using different ink settings to change the width and shape of pen strokes and of course switch to eraser mode to correct any mistakes.

The Xpen can be used to take notes, manipulate graphics or even draw images depending on what the user’s priorities are.

The Good

The Infinix Note 4 Pro is a powerful tool. Increased storage, longer battery life and of course the Xpen are all highlights for the device. Users needing a high-performance mobile device will not be disappointed by this one.

The Bad

The Xpen dictates that the Pro come with a fairly large case, meaning that in a world where every device is getting smaller, users will have to live with an unfashionably bulky phone.


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