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Android 7.0 Upgrade for the Infinix S2 Pro

The Infinix S2 Pro is the newest and latest smartphone from the Hong-Kong based smartphone manufacturer, Infinix. The Infinix S2 was previously launched in Nigeria. The new S2 Pro device came with Android 6.0 Marshmallow already installed. It is the perfect smartphone upgrade from any entry level cell phone when on a budget.


It is a power packed device that is affordable on any budget. It has what everyone wants in a smart phone; amazing camera, fingerprint scanner, metal body, 4G LTE, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, and of course, a user friendly operating system an interface. The greatest point about the Infinix S2 Pro is that it has a 12-month warranty with Carlcare where you can get your phone worked on whenever there are any issues.

Exciting Features

Other than having the Android 7.0 Nougat and XOS 2.1.0, the Infinix S2 Pro has the following amazing features:

  • Optimal fingerprint sensor that will improve the users experience
  • Optimal visual sense and interaction of magazine lock screen interface
  • Optimal improved fluency of interface sliding, for smooth using
  • Optimal brand new Music 2.0
  • Optimal use of XAccount
  • Optimal use of layout for XClub
  • Optimal activation and response times


If you currently have the Infinix S2 Pro and you want to upgrade to the Android 7.0 Nougat, it is possible to do so, via over-the-air, or OTA. To upgrade your device, just simply go to Settings – About – System Update and see if an update is available. The update will require about 1.8GB space, so before you update, make sure that you have enough data as well as storage space before you begin to download. Once downloaded, there no major changes in the look and feel of the device, except there was new functionality and needed bug fixes.

Infinis S2 Pro Unboxed

If you are lucky enough to get the Infinix S2 Pro, you will receive the following in the box:

  • The S2 Pro
  • Earphones
  • User Guide
  • USB-cabke
  • White 3 pin power adapter
  • Lollipop SIM card ejector
  • Screen protector


The Infinix S2 Pro has a beautiful metal finish body with a little curve around the edges of the display. It has a 75% screen to body ratio, with a wide angle camera at the top right of the device with a normal camera on the left side of the phone. The S2 Pro has three dots at the bottom to use for navigation, however, these buttons take a little getting used to.

The rear of the phone has a 13 MP rear camera, with dual LED-flash. Though the camera MP is not as strong as its competitors, it is great for the price.


With a 32GB ROM, there is enough space for most videos, music and games. The 1.3 GHz 64-bit processor keeps your apps running fast and fluid. You can multi-task, game, all while listening to your favorite songs. It can also support additional external memory up to 128GB. However, if you want a second SIM card, you will not be able to have expanded memory.

What is also great about this phone is the fact that if you are a power hungry user, this phone will not disappoint. With a 12-18-hour battery life on WIFI with average usage, and 8-12 hours with high 3G usage, this phone is perfect for all your entertainment needs.

Bottom Line

This is the best and most affordable phone on the market thus far based on its features. The new upgrade has made this phone more flawless than before, and it is definitely worth getting if you want flawless usage. If you are planning on replacing your entry-level cell phone with this one, you would be making the wisest decision as the Infinix S2 Pro upgraded is the perfect replacement.

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