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How To Add Guest Mode Feature On Infinix Lollipop Devices And How To Use It

Guest mode is a new feature on Android Lollipop phones that enables your to share your phone without worrying about others accessing your personal data, accounts or apps

The guest user mode isolates your personal data from being accessible to the new guest user which starts up as a freshly installed system with only stock apps (‘follow come apps’) onboard.

The guest user can add their own accounts such as Facebook, Google accounts, Emails etc that will be accessible to them whenever they switch to the same guest mode user.

From my understanding, guest mode has been available on Android tablets since the launch of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, but the feature was added Android phones since the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

However, this feature is not available to all Android Lollipop smartphones and unfortunately, infinix phones are included in the ‘not available’ category at the moment.

But don’t worry, this feature can be added manually to all infinix phones running Android Lollipop.

Let’s look at how to do that.


  • ES File Explorer (you can download it from Playstore)
  • Root access

How to Manually Add Guest Mode Feature on Infinix Lollipop Phones

  • Open ES File Explorer
  • Click on devices
  • Locate SYSTEM folder{click on it}
  • Click on BUILD.PROP file
  • Open with ES editor (Recommended)
  • Click on the Edit (pencil sign) at the top right corner
  • copy and paste this code into a new line(BOTTOM)
    fw.show_multiuserui=1} without {}
  • Save and reboot your device

Congratulations… You’ve just added Guest mode manually to your device.


How to Use Guest Mode on Your Infinix Phones and other Android Devices

Step 1: Go to quick settings panel.

In quick settings panel (you can access quick settings panel by swiping down the notification bar with two fingers.), tap the avatar of current user in top right (as shown below).

Then tap more settings as shown below if you want to enable phone calling features to guest user.

Using Guest Mode on Infinix Lollipop Phones

Step 2: Setup guest user features.

You should be directed to Settings—Users page. You can also access this page from Settings, instead of the quick settings panel if you want.

Tap the gear icon next to Guest as shown below.

Drag the switch for Allow phone calls to right to enable this feature for guest user. By default, phone calls are not allowed for guest user.

Once this feature is enabled, the switch will change to blue as shown blow.

Using Guest Mode on Infinix Lollipop Phones

Step 3: Enter Android Lollipop guest user mode

In quick settings panel, tap Add guest as shown below. You can also enter guest user mode directly from Settings – Users – Guest.

If there is no saved sessions for guest users, you will see the Switching to Guest screen. It may take from a few seconds to 1 min to enter Android Lollipop guest user mode depending on your phone.

Using Guest Mode on Infinix Lollipop Phones

Step 4: Using Android Lollipop guest user mode

Once entering guest user mode, you will get a default home screen.

Guest user can use all pre-installed apps, i.e., apps installed before the owner setup the phone.

Although Android Lollipop guest user can use these pre-installed apps, the data and settings associated with these apps are NOT shared. Each user has own settings and data for the same app. For example, the contacts should be empty for guest user by default.

Android Lollipop guest user can install apps after adding his own Google account as shown below.

Using Guest Mode on Infinix Lollipop Phones

Using Guest Mode on Infinix Lollipop Phones

Step 5: Exit Android Lollipop guest user mode

When in guest user mode,  you can tap the user avatar in quick settings panel. Then tap another user to exit guest user mode as shown above.

Please note, after switching to other users, the setting and data for the guest user is saved in the phone.

How to remove guest user in Android Lollipop?

If you are using other people’s phone as a guest user, it is recommended to remove your account so that all your data and settings are cleared from the phone.

If you simply switch to other user without removing guest user, next time the guest user (maybe someone else) will have the option to continue your session (and therefore access all of your data and settings saved under guest user mode) or start over (to clear the your data and settings).

To remove Android Lollipop guest user apps, data and settings, in the quick settings panel (in guest user mode), tap Remove guest as shown below.  This sill remove all apps, data and settings linked to current guest user. Essentially, this removes this guest user. So, the guest user can remove the guest account himself.

Once the Android Lollipop guest user is removed, the phone will switch back to lock screen.

Using Guest Mode on Infinix Lollipop Phones

How to add a user to your Infinix Android Lollipop devices?

If you want to share the phone with other users for extended time, it is better to create a new user for him so that the user can use it as if it is his own phone.

This is the multiple users feature in Android Lollipop phone. You can add several users as you want.

The user you added will have his own space for app data and personal files. When a single app is shared by you and other users, each of you can only access your own app data and app settings.

To add a user to your Android Lollipop device, please follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to Quick Settings panel

If you are not sure how to access quick settings panel, swipe down from the status bar (top of the screen) with two fingers.

Step 2: Tap avatar for current user in top right.

Step 3: Tap Add user as shown below.

After tapping Add user, your phone screen should indicate it is switching to new user as shown below.

Using Guest Mode on Infinix Lollipop Phones

Step 4: Set up new user.

You need confirm to add a new user by tapping OK as shown below.

After a few seconds, you will be redirected to the new user setup page.

Tap the Arrow icon to proceed.

From now on, you can let the user control the process if you want.

Using Guest Mode on Infinix Lollipop Phones

When setting up a new user, you can optionally skip the Google account setup so that the user can add it later by himself.

So,in the Add your account screen as shown below, you can ask the user to add his Google account (not yours) if the user is beside you.

If not, you can simply tap skip as shown below. Of course, your Android system will remind you that before adding the Google account, the user cannot access his Google content (quite straightforward).

Using Guest Mode on Infinix Lollipop Phones

Next, the user need provide a name so that it can be shown in the user list. Otherwise, you don’t know who is who.

After setting up the user name, tap the Finish button as shown below to set up this user account.

You will see the default screen for this user as shown below. Currently, only pre-installed apps are available. The user can add apps after adding his Google account.

Using Guest Mode on Infinix Lollipop Phones

Using Guest Mode on Infinix Lollipop Phones

How to switch to other users in Android Lollipop multiple users mode ?

When you have more than one user in your phone, you can switch among users in either of the two locations:

  1. In the quick settings panel, tap the avatar for current user in the top right, then tap the account which you want to switch to. Please see the image above.
  2. In Settings –Users. Tap the user name to which you want to switch (as shown in the image below). Current user is always listed in the first.

Using Guest Mode on Infinix Lollipop Phones

How to remove users from your Android Lollipop phone?

Please note, only the phone owner can delete other users. Other users are not allowed to remove other users or himself on the phone. Guest user is an exception: it can remove himself.

So, to remove users from your Android Lollipop phone, you need switch to phone owner, which is always indicated in SettingsUsers.

In SettingsUsers page, tap the gear icon as shown above. This settings (gear icon) is only available for phone owner.

Tap Remove user as shown below.

Tap Delete to confirm the deletion as shown below.

Now, the user is removed from your Android Lollipop powered phone as shown below.

Using Guest Mode on Infinix Lollipop Phones

That’s it on manually enabling guest mode on Infinix Lollipop phones and using it. If you have any question, feel free to ask using the comment box below.

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