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5 Tips To Make Your Infinix Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Battery Low…about 1% remaining…

Nobody like the sound of that, especially when you are in the middle of something very important.

Battery is the most important aspect of a smartphone, that’s why most smartphone manufacturers focus building smartphone with large battery capacity and also adding features such as Power saving mode, Ultra Power Saving Mode in order to make the battery last longer.

Despite all that, how long your battery last still, to some extent depends on how you use the smartphone.

Here are five practical tips that will help you maximize the battery life of your Infinix smartphone.

Tip #1: Select a low brightness level

A smartphone display consumes on average 40% of the battery.Therefore, having a lower brightness setting is the most practical way to minimize battery drain on your Infinix smartphone.

Tip #2: Disable Sync

Most people activate sync in order for them to receive notification of the different services they use such as Email. Sync may be convenient, but has the downside of being a serious battery drainer. Deactivate sync is another straightforward way to make sure your battery lasts longer.

Tip #3: Identify the battery drainers

Some applications are known to be serious battery drainers. You can go to the battery stats features and identify applications that consume most of your battery juice. You can choose to disable such apps.

Tip #4: Turn off Bluetooth and GPS

Bluetooth and GPS chips require battery juice to work. Having the two services on for a long time will drain battery. Make a point of turning them off when they’re not in active use.

Tip #5: Activate Battery Saving Mode

Infinix smartphones come inbuilt with Power saving and ultra-power saving modes. Activate either of the two when you need your battery to last longer.

That’s it on maximizing your battery life. Don’t forget to share with your friends.



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