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5 Tips To Help You Minimize Overheating Of Your Infinix Phone

One of the problems faced by smartphone users is the problem of overheating during usage or during charging.

This problem can vary depending on how you use your phone, because while some users complain of this problem, others testify that the don’t experience this problem with their device.

While Infinix is doing their best to help address this problem by releasing regular firmware updates and by introducing “Liquid Cooling” in their latest smartphone, you can also help yourself by applying these tips.

1. Regularly change your battery.

It is always recommended to change your battery after a specific time period. An old battery provides slightly less power than needed, this difference is so little that it goes unnoticed. The processor of your phone tries to compensate this which results in increased load.

This load on processor leads to increased load on battery and this cycle follows up to a point where your phone is hot enough to cook something on it and you are forced to take a pause.

2. Keep you phone as far as possible from water.

It is a common thing that we take our phone with us everywhere we go, even when taking shower. Overheating and power issues problem occurs mostly with water exposure. Keeping your phone from water or any liquid can help prevent any problem relating to moisture or liquid damage which can lead to over heating.

3. Make sure your phone is getting enough ventilation.

One of the factors that cause overheating on smartphones is improper ventilation.

Like any other device, your smartphone also needs proper space to operate. Overheating is one of the consequences of unavailability of adequate ventilation.

Up to a certain temperature, your smartphone heats slowly but after a threshold is crossed, the heating is accelerated. A good device monitoring app like Cpu Temperature will keep the temperature in check and you’ll know when to take a break to keep your phone cool.

CPU Temperature

4. Close apps you are not currently using.

These days, we rarely close any app. When we are done with the app, we just hit the home button.

Leaving unnecessary apps running will not only make your smartphone lag but also heat it up. It is wise to close apps that you are not using and also use some RAM device management apps like CCleaner to regularly force apps running on the background to close.

5. Give your phone some break.

I doubt if you have ever used the “Scheduled power on & off” feature on your phone.

It is recommended to regularly power off your phone. This will help cool the CPU down significantly. You can do this while going to bed.

You can set up your phone to turn off automatically using the Scheduled power on & off feature on your phone. To do this, go to Settings>>Scheduled power on & off and set the timings.


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