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100 Reasons Why You Should Get An Infinix Zero 2

I saw this post on X’Club forum and I think it’s worth sharing. Credit to the author – Mr Salami as mentioned by therealesttin.

In my opinion, Infinix Zero 2 is the second best Infinix smartphone (after Zero 3) so far. But unfortunately, the Zero 3 is yet to be available online at the moment. It is available offline though at 3C Hub according to Infinix Mobile on Facebook.

However you can make pre-order for the Zero 3 on

While we wait for the Zero 3 to be available online, lets look at 100 reasons why you need the Infinix Zero 2 according to Mr Salami.

1. Change Font Without Rooting: You can change your font (writing font) on Infinix zero 2
Goto Menu>>Settings>>Display>>Font style>> use.

2. Weight: Infinix Zero 2 is a very light device which is 118 g Design.

3. Hot keys on-screen: Your 3 Hot Keys are now on-screen.

4. Broken Screen Still Touch: Do you know if your screen is broken, you can still enjoy your phone perfectly, it will still respond to touch even though it’s broken.

5. Almost Invisible Broken screen: if accidentally, your screen is broken, it is not really visible, because it doesn’t have a scattered broken touchpad style, only a line or 2, which will not affect any of the function of the phone.

6. Kevlar Back Design: Kevlar is used for most bullet proof materials, and it is 5 times stronger than still, which means it can never be broken.

Infinix Zero 2

7. Metal Frame Charging Port: it has a metal frame charging port design, which will not allow your charging port to damage.

8. Sleek Design: Infinix Zero 2 has a very sleek design, and it comes with 6.7 mm height.

Infinix Zero 2

9. Amazing 5 MP camera for selfies: Front-facing: 5 MP (85 degrees Wide Angle).

10. Amazing 13 MP rear camera: 13 MP Camera with LED Flash.

* Volume Button takes Picture; you can now use your volume button to take pictures.

* Video with Auto focus: it allows you to make video clips, also with auto focus feature which allows you to get the best quality of the video, and clear blur effects on videos.

* Video Calls: Infinix zero 2 allow you to make video calls using the default application and other apps such as Skype etc.

* Panorama Video recording: it allows you to take video clip in panorama from (long distance A to Z).

* Change lock screen wall paper: Infinix Zero 2 now allow you to change your lock screen wallpaper to any image you want.

* Amazing temperature rate: on light usage, your phone can be within 28°c to 32°c and on heavy usage, within 33°c to 35°c.

* No white background effects on pictures at night: you can now have the best night pictures ever, so clear without white background effect.

* Speaker Bass and Volume: the Infinix Zero 2 has an amazing loud speakers,with good sounds , Music Support: MP3, WMA, WAV, eAAC+.

* Battery: Non removable 2300 mAh battery.

* Battery Life: It last as long as 20 hours on heavy usage, and 30 hours on average usage.

* Scratch Proof: Infinix Zero 2 comes with an amazing Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Scratch Resistance phone.

* Processor Type: Octa Core 2.0GHZ.

* Ram: this mobile phone has a high 2GB ram.

* ROM: It comes with 16GB and 32GB in-built Storage memory, and also have a memory card space which can accept up to 64GB memory Card.

* Changeable Charger Adapter: It allows you to change the charger adapter to fit your socket, so your charger can last longer.

* Strong Sim Tray: the phone allow you to use 2 Micro Sim cards in One Sim tray,and the Sim tray is strong which will not develop any fault in a very long time.


* Power Saving Management: this application allows you to enjoy a longer battery life with your device.

* Ultra Power Saving Mode: It allow you to use only 4 applications (Call,Message Contact, Clock). FOR example, if you have 8% your phone can still last for as long as 8 hours on no usage, on low usage, and about 2 hr 30 Min if you are on a long call. This power saving feature is one of the key features of the much talked about Android Lollipop OS.

* H+ service for Both Sim 1 & 2: This mobile phone allow you to enjoy H+Data Service for Both Sim 1 and 2 by switching it to the Sim you want.

* Carlcare app: this app allows you to locate a nearest Repair center for your mobile phone, also FAQ are available to solve little issues you have on the phone, also, a customer care phone number is attached to this App, on each address.

* Email Application: you can now login your yahoo mail account for example on this App, without having a Yahoo mail app, and others.

* Flash Share ( Upgraded Version) allow you to share App, Games, videos and other files to your android partner without the use of Data.

* Jumia and Konga App: allow you to shop online all over Nigeria, and will be delivered to your door step.

* Palmplay: It’s a social media network that allows you to connect to about 160 millions people. Enjoy.

* Palmplay and Play store: it allow you to download new applications and games.

* Swift Keyboard: it allow you to enjoy typing by sliding your finger across the keyboard  write words.

* System Updates: This application allow you to upgrade your zero 2 to the latest version, so you can keep on checking to be updated.

* Voice Search: you can now search google by using your voice, find the voice search app on your zero 2 to enjoy.

* WPS office: this application allow you to do all your PC jobs on your mobile phone, which Include, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF reader.

* X Club: this app allows you to enjoy great offers, as you are part of the Infinix family. Check it out!


* Upgraded Bluetooth : Its has a Bluetooth of 4.0 version, which has a wider reach and is faster.

* Upgraded WiFi Hotspot: it comes with an upgraded WiFi hotspot, which allow you to share data over 8 android users, or 8 computers.

* USB tethering: It allow you to share Internet using USB cord, which can make you use your phone as a modern.

* Bluetooth tethering: you can now share Internet over Bluetooth device.

* video Fluency Enhancer: using Clear motion TM.

* Video Orb lock screen style: this feature allow you to let your video play as your lock screen wallpaper.

* Font size: this allow you to reduce and increase your font size.

* Cast screen: this feature allow you to watch all your phone activity that you love on TV Screen.

* Best Audio Enhancer: it allows you to enhance your audio on ear piece.

* 4 Band equalizer: it makes you select equalizer which allow you to enjoy music on your mobile phone to suit your taste.

* Best Loudness: It allow you to boost your volume for speakers.

* VPN: It has the VPN feature for anonymous and unrestricted internet surfing.

* Wake Up gesture: this is an amazing feature on Infinix Zero 2 which allow you to swipe specific curves on your screen and perform specific function. E.g.when your screen is locked, if you write M, then it start playing music. C is camera. Etc.

* Face Unlock: it allow you to unlock your screen using your face with the face unlock function.

* Voice unlock: it allow you to unlock your screen using your voice with the voice unlock function.

* Pattern unlock: it allow you to unlock your screen using patterns with the pattern unlock function.

* Password Unlock: it allow you to unlock your screen using your password with the password unlock function.

* Pin Unlock: it allow you to unlock your screen using your pin with the pin unlock function.

* Encrypt Phone: This feature is mainly for security of data. Even thou the phone is formatted, it won’t delete your files, not let it out, until it is encrypted.

* Schedule Power On/Off: This feature allows you to set a time when you want your phone to be off, e.g. at night.

* Caption Function: This Function allow you to write a caption on your lock screen.

*Magnification gesture: it allows you to magnify your phone, on special cases.

95. End call with Power button: instead of using your phone end call button on touch pad, you can now end call with power button with this feature.

96. Text to speech output: you can now input text, and will be converted to speech with this feature.

97. Quick boot: your zero 2 take too long to boot? You can rectify it with this app..

98. Printing: have you imagined using a mobile phone to send document directly to the printer, without any external storage device or computer, zero 2 allow you to do this.

99. 3 Amazing color of zero 2: Zero 2 comes with 3 amazing colors
* Kevlar Black and black frame design
* Kevlar Red and Red frame design
* Kevlar black and gold frame design.

100. Charging Rate: the Infinix zero 2 charge for 2 hours, from 0 to 100%.

You can order you own Zero 2 here.

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